Pellenc Launches Cleanion Battery-Powered Brush

on Battery-Powered Brush

Pellenc has launched the Cleanion – a pedestrian battery-powered brush suitable for removing debris from natural and artificial grass and other hard surfaces. Pellenc is sold exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.

The Pellenc Cleanion is a revolutionary, self-driven brush which is powered by the ULiB battery seen on the rest of the company’s range of tools. With a large working width and a long operating time of battery charge sufficient for demanding professional use, the Cleanion has a range of uses including:

  • Remove debris from grass and hard surfaces.
  • Effective snow broom for clearing streets and paths (with the attachment of a snow blade)
  • Suitable for paths, drives, constructions sites and car parks.
  • Effective on tarmac, block paving, concrete, grass and artificial surfaces.
  • Brush untreated moss from areas such as tennis courts, car parks and terraces.
  • Brushing artificial surfaces to keep the infill mobile, lift the pile and prevent algae accumulation and surface compaction Remove debris from golf course fairways.
  • Brush tennis courts, pitches and playgrounds prior to line marking.

The Pellenc Cleanion powered brush has adjustable speed and direction, as well as variable speed control for forward and reverse. Brushing pressure is also reflected in the LCD screen. Optional attachments including a snow plough and can be changed conveniently using the quick release coupling and features a foldable handle for easy storage and transport between sites.

All Pellenc batteries and tools come complete with a three year commercial warranty as standard – the first manufacturer to offer this on battery-powered tools.

Customers can now purchase Pellenc tools through Etesia’s finance partner.

For further information, please click here to view your nearest Pellenc stockist.

Pellenc Launches Two new Battery Powered Pruning Shears

Pellenc Launches Two new Battery Powered Pruning Shears. Pellenc has launched two new battery-powered pruners – the Prunion and Vinion, which replace the older generation Treelion and Lixion pruning shears. Pellenc is sold exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.

Pellenc Launches Two new Battery Powered Pruning ShearsThe two new models, priced at just £799.00 +vat for the Prunion and £649.00 +vat for the Vinion represents a saving of almost 50% compared to the older generation pruning shears.

With a weight of less than 900 grams, the Prunion pruner offers users unbeatable cutting power and work quality. Its grip fits any hand and its large cutting diameter makes it comfortable to prune with. The numerous innovations of this pruning shear make it indispensable for anyone who does pruning work. The 250 battery offers increased productivity by allowing two Pellenc tools to be connected simultaneously.

Adapted to winemakers seeking lightness, ergonomics, maneuverability and precision, the Vinion pruning shears are a high-tech revolution weighing just 670 grams. Vinion pruning shears have been designed to meet all expectations, working with both the pocket 150 battery, which is light and compact, as well as with a 250 battery that makes it possible to connect two Pellenc tools simultaneously for alternating work.Pellenc Launches Two new Battery Powered Pruning Shears

All Pellenc batteries and tools come complete with a three year commercial warranty as standard – the first manufacturer to offer this on battery-powered tools.

Customers can now purchase Pellenc tools through Etesia’s approved finance partner. For more details about finance please click here.

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit to view your nearest Pellenc stockist.

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Etesia celebrates 25 years in the UK

June 2016 marks 25 years of Etesia operating in the UK, and since its humble entry, the company has grown into one of the most innovative manufacturers in the groundscare industry.

What started as an unknown company with just one product now has a presence in 40 countries with a product range of over 40. It is safe to say that the initial product, which put Etesia on the map, must have been pretty special.

The Hydro 100 – the first ride-on mower with a direct rear ejection and integrated collection system took the French market by storm. Shortly after, it was brought to the shores of the UK. That was 25 years ago and now 2016 see’s Etesia with a multitude of market leading products covering every inch of the UK.

“Very quickly, UK professionals understood the unique capacity and performance of that machine. Word spread about just how good the Hydro 100 was and then more and more dealers throughout the UK wanted to become involved. A few years later, and based on the success of that machine, we were able to expand the range of products such as the Bahia, Attila and the Hydro 124. Quite soon there were a number of Etesia products gaining a great reputation in the UK,” commented Etesia President, Patrick Vives.

The UK is now Etesia’s third largest market behind its homeland France and Germany, and all of the UK operations are run from a beautiful rural setting in North Oxfordshire. With a team of seven headed by Operations Director Les Malin, the facilities are perfect for both onsite demonstrations and storage of spare parts.

“In all other countries, except Germany and Benelux, we work directly with importers but in the UK we have our own team. It has always been a great market for us and to show our commitment to this country we felt that this was the best solution to increase product awareness and it appears to have been the right decision.

“The UK market is essential to Etesia, not only because it is our third, but also because succeeding in this country is essential in continuing to build a reputation in the gardening sector,” said Patrick.

Etesia’s commitment to the UK market is perhaps most apparent in the relationships the company holds with its extensive network of dealers. Once a year, Etesia’s UK dealers are invited on a two day trip to the company’s headquarters in Wissembourg, where they learn more about the company, receive a tour of the impressive, state-of-the-art factory and witness a glimpse of future products.
So without doubt, Etesia’s 25 years of operating in the UK have been a resounding success – but what’s next?

“Etesia’s intention is to continue its growth in the UK market with additional products like the robotic mowers and the Pellenc range of battery-powered tools. All the new technologies are under the Etesia Green Technology™ banner which is where I think the future lies,” said Patrick.

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Etesia Start 2014 with New Pellenc Dealer

Etesia UK is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Pellenc dealership – Morris’s Stores based in Rhuddlan North Wales, covering the entire North Wales area.

Morris’s Stores was first founded in 1934 and is a family run business. The company first introduced mowers in the 1960’s which has continued to grow steadily since. Jonathan Morris, the company’s Managing Director, who took over from his father, describes their customer base as domestic and professional, having increased commercial sales with local caravan sites and councils. The company are now responsible for both Etesia and Pellenc products within their allocated area.

“We looked at Etesia a few years back as it fits in nicely with the other products we offer. It’s a brand that has been growing over the years and a lot of people have spoken highly of them,” said Jonathon.

In the last five years, Pellenc has gained market recognition by offering a unique range of ‘zero emission’ battery-powered handheld tools, thanks to the development of Lithium-ion ultra-high performance batteries. This exclusive Pellenc technology allows for a drastic reduction in the production of greenhouse gases and noise pollution. It is also comfortable for users, meets new sustainable development demands and offers excellent economic profitability.

Jonathan first saw Pellenc at an Etesia dealer day when the brand was exclusively unveiled to the existing Etesia dealer network. “It was pointed out to us that these products were the future and things would shortly be going down that road. A lot of people have already shown an interest and the Pellenc range of products has pushed us forward into new markets.”

“When we recently decided to take on the Pellenc brand, there was no question about it because of the great service we’ve received over the years from Andrew Roberts, our Area Sales Manager and Etesia as a company.”

Pellenc is sold exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.

Places for People Choose Etesia as Mowing Partner

Places for People, one of the largest property management, development and regeneration companies in the UK, has recently upgraded their fleet of grass cutting machinery with the purchase of Etesia pedestrian and ride-on mowers.

Purchased from local dealer Balmers Garden Machinery, the new equipment includes a Hydro 80 MKHP ride-on mower and a collection of Pro 46 PHB pedestrian rotary mowers, bringing the total number of Etesia machines to over thirty.

David Ramsden, Contract Supervisor for the company, is responsible for the purchase of grounds maintenance equipment for the Preston depot and has been using Etesia machines for the past ten years after admitting that it was difficult to find a machine capable of cutting and collecting in wet conditions.

“We found it very difficult to find a machine that can cut and collect in wet weather. After an initial demonstration we found that Etesia ticks all of our boxes. As soon as we started using them, we thought wow. They were very impressive in the wet.”

Designed to meet the rigours of a wide variety of commercial grass cutting applications, Etesia’s Pro 46 pedestrian rotaries are specified by contractors, local authorities and landscapers. The special shape of the mowing deck produces a powerful suction and blowing effect to ensure a quality cut with maximum collection. As an option, a mulching kit and mulching blade convert the pro 46 mowers into formidable mulchers. The Pro 46 rotaries are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for mobile grass cutting teams. The handlebars fold, without the use of tools, for easy transportation or storage.

The compact Hydro 80 ride-on mower is ideal for multi-tasking and easily adapts to every terrain, every grass cutting situation and every task. The pocket-size cut and collect mower, at just 0.82m wide and 1.98 m long, features an incredibly tight turning circle and is able to nip into every nook and cranny as well as being able to be easily transported in the back of a van or on the back of a trailer.

“The Hydro 80 is probably the best machine we’ve purchased. It cut mowing down compared to push mowers and speeded up what our teams can do, allowing them to do other jobs”. We like the fact that we have one machine that can do different jobs.

“We find that we can run the machines for up to four years which is fantastic, as previously, we were changing every two years. You may pay a little extra for an Etesia machine when you purchase it, but the overall lifetime cost is far lower.”

Etesia UK Dealers and Press Get First Look at Seven New Products Ahead of 2014

Over 50 Etesia UK dealers recently visited the UK Head Quarters in Oxfordshire for a first look at the new products which will be introduced next year. In 2014 Etesia will also be celebrating their 25th Anniversary with a range of product promotions for customers.

Members of the trade press also attended the ’25 years of innovation’ conference which was held over two days, to get a first glimpse of Etesia’s seven new products ahead of their public launch in October.

The days kicked off with a presentation by Patrick Vives, President of Etesia SAS, and Managing Director of Etesia UK. Les Malin of Etesia UK then introduced the new products for 2014 including the Bahia Silverline special edition model and Pellenc Excelion 2000 – a ‘cow-horn’ brushcutter. After lunch, an afternoon session saw dealers and the press getting up close and personal with all of the new kit.

Also amongst the range of new product launches from Etesia were two high quality professional rotary mowers, two domestic pedestrian lawn mowers and a new revolutionary electric wheel barrow.

Two customer promotions were announced at the event. The first promotion is for Bahia, Hydro 80, SKD ride-on brushcutter and the ETM44 robotic mower models which will see customers receive a 15% discount on the RRP.

The second promotion for large ride-on machines (100cm+) will see customers receive over £3,500 off some models.

“Etesia will be joining a number of other suppliers, from across Europe, to organise road show events in 2014,” said Les Malin, Etesia UK General Manager. “We see this as the best way of getting to existing and potential new customers. We will also still exhibit at shows, but will carefully monitor this situation. We will be returning to Grand Designs later this month and then return to BTME in Harrogate in January for the first time in nearly ten years, whilst we’re be exhibiting at the Executive Hire Show for the first time in February.”

Etesia Launch Scarifier Attachment to Fit Three Models

For keeping lawns and turf looking good all-year-round, a scarifier attachment is now available to fit three model sizes in the Etesia ride-on mower range.

Available to fit the 80cm Bahia range, 100cm Hydro 100 range and 124cm Hydro124 range, the scarifying rake is designed to efficiently remove moss and thatch from lawns, pasture land, paddocks and rough areas. The new attachment stimulates better grass growth and a stronger root.

Mounted to the front of your existing Etesia ride-on machine, the scarifier can also be used on horse arenas and all-weather gallops to ‘dress’ the top surface and re-blend the components of a composite surface.

Scarifying is a seasonal activity, so it makes sense not to have expensive, dedicated powered equipment lying idle during certain periods of the year. The Etesia scarifier attachment cost effectively utilises the existing power source of its host ride-on mower to efficiently remove unwanted organic matter and encourage healthy turf.

Etesia Celebrates 25 Years with Exclusive ‘Silverline’ Promotions

For the past 25 years, innovation has been the key to Etesia’s success. During this period the company’s research and development department have constantly manufactured a series of innovative machines that have revolutionised green space maintenance and taken the company from success to success.
The exclusive concept of mowing and collecting, in all conditions for both pedestrian and ride-on machines, has been the company’s mantra for the entire time along with making the lives of customers easier.

Manufacturing products to the satisfaction of customers that are simple to use yet extremely durable with an after sales support from carefully selected dealerships and distributors who perform and are committed, has been part of the Etesia philosophy on building a successful network.

The first business in the green space management market to achieve IS 9002 in 1994 and IOS 9001 in 2001, along with the first manufacturer to launch a 100% electric ride-on mower with a cut and collect facility confirm Etesia’s obsession with quality.

Today, Etesia exports 50% of its production, a large percentage of which comes to the UK. The company is now an important cog in the range of equipment that many machinery dealers have chosen to offer their customers, and more importantly, more and more users from large landscape contractors and councils to small landscape businesses are specifying Etesia as their machinery of choice.

In celebration of their 25th anniversary, Etesia will be launching a range of exclusive ‘Silverline’ promotions including a special Bahia Silverline limited edition model.

The first promotion is for Bahia, Hydro 80, SKD ride-on brushcutter and the ETM44 robotic mower models which will see customers receive a 15% discount on the RRP.

The second promotion for large ride-on machines (100cm+) will see customers receive over £3,500 off some models.

Model Recommended Retail Price ‘Silverline’ Price
H124DX 24673.00 20990.00
H124DN 22892.00 19490.00
H124DS OHD124 20326.00 17250.00
H124DS 17846.00 14990.00
HVHPX 15590.00 13250.00
HVHP 14650.00 12450.00
HVSP 13190.00 11200.00
H144MX 19295.00 16390.00
MVEHHN 8790.00 7000.00

Etesia Launch New 2014 Lawn and Garden Range

This Autumn Etesia is getting set for a busy 2014 lawn and garden season, entering the domestic market with the launch of two competitively priced electric lawn mowers – the VECS and NECTS Duocut, with a promise of models to follow shortly.

For years, Etesia have been renowned in the commercial market for manufacturing machines able to cut and collect in all weather conditions – come rain or shine. With the launch of these two new products, domestic customers will be able to take advantage of a lawn mower which will deliver best-in-class cutting, collecting or mulching – even in the most demanding conditions.

The VECS is an entry level 1300W push model with eight cutting height settings, which are quickly adjustable using one lever from 20-60mm, complete with a polypropylene 37cm cutting deck and 39 litre grass box.

The NECTS model has a 41cm cutting width and is a 1500W single speed (3km) machine with seven cutting height settings from 25-85mm. It comes complete with a Xenoy cutting deck for added robustness.

Extremely versatile, both new models are capable of mowing with or without collection in all conditions, or for high-quality mulching. And they do all that without the need for an accessory.

That high performance is possible thanks to the Duocut concept which is the perfect combination between 100% collection and 100% mulching decks, without compromising the results of either of the functions. Changing the mowing system is easy: just place the removable insert under the deck if you want to mulch. Remove the insert if you prefer to mow with or without collection.

There is no need for a tool or blade change. The insert completes the shape of the deck to form a smooth surface with no roughness, allowing the grass to move easily for incomparably superior mulching.

Excellent mulching results with a very high collection performance, even if the grass is long and wet is compacted in the grass collection boxes, complete with box filling indicator.

Both models come, as standard, with ‘soft grip’ handle bars which can fold for easy transportation.

Etesia Launch Multi-Purpose Electric Barrow

This autumn, Etesia aim to make the lives of contractors, landscapers and groundcare professionals easier with the launch of a new revolutionary 100% electric wheel barrow, which is available with a range of attachments to tackle a wide variety of jobs.

Power comes from a 24V 1000W battery with two forward and two reverse speeds up to 6kp/h. Fitted with either wheels or ‘caterpillar tracks’, this is a truly a multi-function, ‘go anywhere’ tool, which can transport heavy material in the skip section and water or liquid material in the tank section, be used as a raised work bench by folding down the side panels, or transport tools in the tool rack and be used to tip waste material.

Featuring the same dashboard fitted on the Etesia M2E electric Bahia ride-on mower, the wheel barrow is controlled by an eelectronic management system which incorporates a dynamic brake for safe deceleration. The park brake is mechanically integrated within the transaxle and controlled by the power shutdown. A ‘dead man’ function, meaning that when the command panel is released, the machine comes to a stop completes the extensive safety features.

Etesia estimate that when fully loaded (200kgs), the battery will last up to five hours.

Optional accessories available include a snow blade, scarifier, and side extension / side rail and spray lance.