Multi Purpose Trailer







The ideal Bahia accessory, the MRM trailer makes garden maintenance incredibly easy. Whether you want to carry tools, sand, compost, leaves or mowing waste, the unique easy-emptying with foot pedal control makes manoeuvring around any site effortless. With a good working height, tank for carrying water or plant-care products with an optional spraying hose, all of your garden jobs can be completed.

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Research & development


Designing a new product is an act of creation and commitment and a gamble on the future for any company. For the Elmar Wolf group, R&D is a continuous obsession. That is why Etesia can be summed up in two words – small in size, but a leader in terms of innovation.etesia_research_side


The Research, Development and Test Centre are shared by Outils WOLF and Etesia, which devote 5% of their turnover and 10% of their workforce to it.


Etesia has 10 engineers and technicians totally dedicated to innovation and high performance in professional ride-on mowers. The Design department has 17 CAD workstations using CATIA V5.


Technical data are managed with PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software. The finite-element design software allows virtual simulations to compare and validate parts or components, even complete systems, before making up prototypes. The centre’s prototyping shop is fully integrated and has all of the machine tools necessary to make the functional models defined by the design department.


All testing, both standardised and specific, to guarantee the safety and functionality of products is carried out in-house.


3000 hours of practical testing and 30,000 hours of other tests are carried out each year by the centre’s staff.


And its efforts are rewarded, with over 50 significant patents filed by the centre since 1958, illustrating the group’s commitment to setting new standards in the fields of comfort, safety and efficiency. Etesia was awarded the regional innovation prize in 2009.


Safety & standards



Safety and quality at the heart of the Etesia concept


Your safety is not to be comprised!


Etesia ride-on mowers are designed to offer optimum safety to users – the machine stops completely if there is no driver (seat presence contactors), the blades stop in three seconds and are protected from impacts by two shearing bolts etc.


Strict compliance with standards


Safety: Of course, all of our machines meet the applicable safety standards, particularly in the area of blade stopping, as required by the Machinery etesia_safety_side_3directive of January 1997.


Noise: Thanks to the extra powerful suction effect of the cutting chassis, Etesia ride-on mowers do not need conventional turbines and thus generate less noise (88 dbA acoustic pressure level from the driver’s seat according to Directive 86/188/EEC) sparing your own ears and those of others!




Quality and customer service are top priorities for Etesia. That is why Etesia has enjoyed continuous ISO certification since 1994 – ISO 9002 in December 1994, ISO 9001 version 2000 in November 2002 and lastly ISO 9001 version 2008 in November 2009.



A simple and reliable engineering design for proven ruggedness and efficiency



Transmission solutions with maximum efficiency


The mower is driven by hydraulic motors in each wheel (Hydro 124D) or by a transaxle and chains (Hydro 100). That choice made by ETESIA avoids the loss of power and reduces stresses due to machine mass.

The electromagnetic clutch with brake on our ride-on models prevents impacts when the blades start and stop.


Electromagnetic clutch

Blade transmission using a double-sided notched belt (Hydro 100) or a cardan and two angle transmissions (Hydro 124 D) for accurate blade indexing. Transmission using a standard single belt (Bahia) makes maintenance easier.

The transmission is protected by shear bolts on the blades.


Hydraulic motor transmission



Tested and proven strength and quality


From the time that they are designed, all our machines undergo extreme durability and strength tests. A whole series of test benches run on a 24/7 basis and test the main functions of the machine – engines, driving of cutters, hydraulics etc.


Record ease of accessibility of main mechanical components


Easy access to the cutting system, which can be removed in less than 5 min from the Hydro 100 and in a matter of seconds from the Hydro 124 D, so that the blades can be changed or sharpened very easily in the field .
Access to all the functional parts of the machine – engine, cutting deck etc. – in record time and with no tools.
Folding cutting deck (patented)


Proven Ruggedness


The cutting deck is a single 1-cm thick aluminium casting (Hydro 100) or a Mastershock deck (Hydro 124 D). The use of this component in the field of mowing is an exclusive feature from ETESIA.



Mastershock deck

The chassis is made up of a tubular mechanically welded structure that is fully protected from corrosion by cataphoresis to give it unparalleled durability.

Mechanically welded tubular structure.


Cultivion: The innovation you’ve been waiting for


Cultivion, the wheel hoe, offers a wide choice of applications for working the soil and weeding.

With the Cultivion, hoeing, weeding, aerating the soil, planting, fertilising, un-rooting, cutting borders and mixing soil will only ever be a pleasure. Due to its lightweight design, stability and small dimensions, the Cultivion is extremely easy to handle and can be used between solid objects with the greatest of pellenc_wheel_hoe_sideease.

The Cultivion is at ease working on all types of terrain: dry, stony, loose, etc. This tool is extremely rugged with an exceptional weight/power ratio.

The electric wheel hoe improves your working conditions as the tool weighs only 3.1kg, which makes the tool the lightest of its kind. The Cultivion is fitted with an adjustable front handle that you can adjust to suit your site.

Moreover, in continuous mode, you can work without pressing the trigger.

Available as standard with two work tools fitted with a toothed blade (working width of 16 cm or 22 cm), you can change blades easily thanks to the quick tool change system Pellenc Patent.

In addition, there are 9 adjustable angle positions on the tool depending on the type of terrain. By offering different angles of the toothed blade, the Cultivion allows you to work at depth as well as on the surface.

As with all other Pellenc products, the Cultivion benefits from the ultra high capacity technology of the ultra lithium battery and guarantees non-polluting, odourless operation and a record operating range.


Treelion: The fastest and most powerful pruning shears on the market!


Pellenc offers a range of pruning shears for professionals looking for power, cutting diameter and productivity, with an unrivalled cutting quality. 

The primary characteristic of the Treelion pruning shears is the ability to operate in continuous controlled mode, for precision work, or in pulsed mode (full or half-open) for quicker cutting.

Treelion is fitted as standard with a Pradines cutting head – the world benchmark in terms of quality.

The patented double trigger system allows the operator to switch from intermediate opening to wide opening, with a single press, to increase the speed and ease of use.

This range of pruning shears is sold as standard with the 200 battery or with a kit for connecting to another Ultra Lithium Battery. Treelion is available in several versions: A traditional handheld model and several two-hand and pole models for work in dense vegetation or at distance.

As with all other Pellenc products, the Treelion benefits from the ultra high capacity technology of the ultra lithium battery and guarantees non-polluting operation and a record operating range.

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Lixion: The Lightest electric pruning shears in the World!

The fastest and lightest electric pruners in the world with a record cutting capacity!
Pellenc has designed the most powerful pruning shears, allowing vineyards to prune precisely, quickly and for up to three days.pellenc_pruning_shears_side

The Lixion are ergonomic pruning shears that combine both power and speed. They are the most compact and the lightest on the market. Fully continuous, with a blade opening of 53mm, they adapt perfectly to your chosen cut. Pellenc offers two types of Pradines blades specially designed for the Lixion: The classic blade for large cuts and the feather blade for smaller crowns.

Lixion offers the renowned reliability and is a benchmark in the viticulture sector providing a three year guarantee on the motor and battery, whilst most competitors only offer two years.

Its growing presence in the market and continued customer satisfaction strengthen its image as an unrivalled market leader. The lithium-ion battery acts extremely naturally and combines the movements and the posture of the cut perfectly.

Thanks to the operating range display, you know exactly the remaining capacity of your battery and can decide on the most convenient time to recharge it.   

Treelion tree pruning shears video

Lixion Evolution Vine pruning shears video


Selion – Sawing to new heights! Pole mounted chainsaws


The fixed pole and telescopic chainsaws are powerful, easy to handle and simple to use providing a record holding chainsaw for height.

With an output greater than a petrol motor of 30 cm³ (equal to 1200W), the Selion Pole and Telescopic saws cut cleanly and with precision thanks to the standard assembly of Oregon ¼” chains, specifically designed for precision pruning.

Extremely light and equipped with a +90°/-45° flexible head, the Selion Pole and Telescopic allows vertical and horizontal cutting, even at the foot of thepellenc_pole_saws_side tree.

Similarly, the Pellenc ultra lightweight chain guide in composite material allows these chainsaws to twist flexibly and prevent breakages in the case of accidental catching.

Like handheld Pellenc chainsaws, the Selion Pole and Telescopic saws benefit from the following technological innovations:

• The tension of the automatic chain Pellenc Patent
• The retractable key Pellenc Patent
• Electronic oil flow management Pellenc Patent.

As with all other Pellenc products, the range of Selion saws benefit from the ultra high capacity technology of the ultra lithium battery and guarantees non-polluting, odourless operation and a record operating range.


Driving comfort and ease of use are at the heart of the development of Etesia mowers



All the controls are within easy reach


Emptying the grass box or setting the lawn mowing height requires no effort, and you don’t even have to leave your seat


Visibility + Agility


A comfortable driving position


Adjust the seat for optimum comfort (armrests, suspension, front/rear adjustment and backrest tilt).

Set the height and tilt of the steering wheel (with H124D).


A smooth drive


The hydrostatic transmission makes driving much easier giving a smoother operation with gradual movement speed. All of our ride-on mowers have double Forward/Reverse pedals. Cruise control facilities are available with the Biocut SKM and Attila SKF for reduced operator fatigue


Maximum compactness and visibility


Compactness = easy transport. Etesia ride-on mowers are extremely compact, with no turbine or bend. They can make their way everywhere and cover every millimetre around the edges. Thanks to their very small turning radius and obstacle-free visibility, Etesia lawn mowers are agile and do a better job.






Etesia and sustainable development


Environmental protection and a commitment to sustainable development have always been among our key concerns, even before they became the latest buzzwords. That is why at Etesia, we have developed our own philosophy called Bio Concept.


It is reflected in the fact that environmental protection is addressed in all areas of the company and at every stage in the life of our equipment.



For example, all our waste undergoes selective sorting, 90% of it internally, with the use of separate skips for steel, aluminium, cardboard, wood, accumulators and batteries.


The choice of manufacturing materials and processes also takes account of their environmental impact.


Bio Concept also covers different projects to develop new cleaner engines. That is how Etesia has been able to release three exclusive products in two years: the first ride-on mower in the world to run entirely on PVO (pure vegetable oil, a bio-fuel), the first ride-on mower in Europe running on LPG (25% less CO, 21% less CO2) and the first ride-on mower in the world to run entirely on electricity (zero pollutant, zero noise).


Etesia’s vision of the future of its market is one where business and environmental protection are ultimately reconciled.


Etesia’s commitment is taking concrete form with its new green engines and also through the versatility of the range, making it possible to apply several mowing techniques and thus enabling differential management.


About the company


Pellenc is a French group with an international scale which produced a consolidated turnover of 108 million Euros in 2008. It is specialised in the design and manufacture of vine growing, winery, olive growing and orchard growing equipment and also equipment for green spaces and local authorities. Pellenc employs more than 700 people worldwide. Each year, Pellenc invests nearly 10% of its turnover in R&D; this has resulted in applications for more than 250 patents.


Pellenc products are exclusively distributed in the UK by Etesia UK.


Pellenc is committed to the environment

Thanks to its strategy of innovation, and after many years of research, Pellenc has replaced the ‘old’ combustion engines with a brand new electrical technology. The Pellenc technology associates an electric motor and a revolutionary battery. The patented electric motors, with an unrivalled power-to-pellenc_about_the_company_sideweight ratio, develop an extraordinary power output with unequalled durability. Associated with the ultra-high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, professionals work much better than with the old combustion-engine tools, in particularly optimum conditions.


Light, odourless, noise-free, with no starting problems and no filling the fuel tank, your old petrol chainsaw, hedge trimmer or brush cutter will seem to belong to the past. Pellenc has overtaken most of the manufacturers of tools for maintenance of parks and gardens through its Research and Development department, which is particularly efficient. This team includes more than 100 researchers and includes engineers and technicians specialised in research, computer modelling, prototyping, electronics, electrical engineering, mechanics, etc., and is working steadily to provide you with tomorrow’s solutions today.


The 50 patents registered by Pellenc bear witness to Pellenc’s supremacy in terms of innovation. The Pellenc group is proud to master this know-how. Pellenc ensures that you work with powerful, rapid, simple-to-use, light and reliable tools, with a record capacity of up to one day’s use.

Today we are still the only ones who can offer you this. Furthermore, by choosing Pellenc Green-Technology, you contribute with us to protecting the environment and preventing neighbourhood nuisance.


You contribute to reducing the consumption of fossil fuels whilst increasing your productivity and cost effectiveness. This is the whole paradox, but also the strength of our products: you are more active towards the environment while improving the working conditions and reducing your expenses.


In fact, the energy cost proposed by Pellenc is fifty times less than the cost usually noted with combustion-engine tools. Pellenc has already won several medals, but our best reward is the enthusiasm of our customers. Pellenc already provides you with all the advantages that you could never imagine.